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Gary & Shona Allen welcome you to the Allens investigate. We look into all kinds of Conspiracy theories, the Paranormal, Ghosts, Spiritualism, Scepticism, Out of Body experiences, Leylines, Channelling, Healing with hands, Religion, Egyptology, the Knights Templar, Ancient technology,  Rennes le Chateau mystery, Shakespeare 'who wrote the works' conundrum, Freemasonry and many other topics with special guests each week talking about different subjects. We want the truth and to bring you the truth. No stone will go unturned in our quest to find out fact from fiction. If you would like to be a guest please contact us, tell us about you and the story you have to bring and you never know you may be a guest on our show. We are open to sponsors, so if you would like to sponsor us please get in touch!


If you would like to sponsor, be our guest on the show or from the media wishing to connect please contact us at the following email address:

Disclaimer: The views of our guests are not necessarily shared by us. The purpose of the show is to uncover the truth. We allow the viewers/listeners to decide based on reasonable argument and the evidence put forward during the show.

*****Any kind of Donation is very welcome in order to help keep the Allens Investigate seeking Truth and sharing that Truth - Thank you for your help!

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About Us

Gary Allen is an Author, Poet, Philosopher, intuitive and natural healer. Allen has appeared on numerous TV and Radio shows and is renowned for his extraordinary abilities. Gary's interests include Shakespeare and the 'who wrote the plays and other works' controversy. He has a varied knowledge on many subjects and is married to Shona Allen and lives in Norfolk. Gary has written three books and is currently working on a forth 'Much Ado About Something'.  'In Search of the Swan' 'Dead Poets Pen' and 'A Thinking Man' are all available on Amazon and other book stockists


Shona Allen is a Singer, Songwriter, Actress and Intuitive who has appeared on TV and Radio and appeared in various films and plays. A keen Photographer who loves nature and animals. Shona has an avid interest in Egyptology and like Gary a quest for unveiling the hidden mysteries. Both Gary & Shona have a remarkable wedding story to tell that proves not only synchronicity but destiny have a role to play in people's lives. Despite being married for 20 years they have never had a single date!

You can read their story at Gary's website

You can listen to Shona singing below. She also does a voiceover and covers of Marilyn Monroe songs too. Hope you enjoy!



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Listen or watch the podcast to the programmes on youtube, spotify, soundcloud, Roku and many other platforms by searching the Allens Investigate.

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